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LP Compressor LPSS7538 4 hp Air Compressor Pump

Part Number: 800056

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4 HP Single Stage Air Compressor Pump


  • 155 PSI
  • Single Stage Pump
  • 2 Cylinder, I Configuration
  • 1.5 - 4 hp rating
  • Operating RPM : 400-1400 RPM
  • 12" Flywheel (Flywheel INLCUDED with package!)
  • 13 CFM
  • 52 lbs.


Mount hole spacing:
5.87" from the left mounting holes to the right mounting holes
5.81" from the front mounting holes to the back mounting holes

Difference between the 7550 and the 7538 pump: 

  • The 7550: 75mm bore and a 50mm stroke
  • The 7538: 75 mm bore and a 38 mm stroke
  • The 7550 goes further up and down with each rotation, giving you a better performance at the same RPM
  • The 7550 has both holes threaded, with one 1/2" female port, and the second port 1/4" bolted hole. The 7538 is different in that it has only one 1/2" female port

The LaPlante 7538 is used by a number of air compressor manufacturers, so if the specs match your compressor, and it will mount to your air tank, this pump will work. The listing is for the bare LaPlante Compressor pump and wheel, only. You will need to check the oil level and add compressor oil as necessary upon receipt.

LaPlante Compressor has been manufacturing air compressors and parts for air compressors for over 20 years. These are high quality air pumps at wholesale prices. All pumps carry the original manufacturer's warranty. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you.